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More info for you. I Downloaded the U8800Pro Firmware Upgrade from Huawei and opened it to check content.
It has 3 dload files and a user Guideline File in Pdf.
To open this, I had to go back to the Download and Rename (shorten the file) to enable MS to open the Pdf.
This file is 9 PAGES long and I have shown the important extract from these notes:

[6 Notes
The version is android 4.0 ICS,please read the instructions to update your phone.
1. Software requirement
a) Before upgrade, please guarantee the version you use is Huawei
official version, or else it may upgrade failed or cause unknown
b) Don’t try to upgrade software of other country or customization, or else it may upgrade failed or cause unknown problem.
2. Hardware requirement
This software suits the U8800pro product, it can only be used for U8800pro product and it may cause can’t power on if you use this software on other product.
3. Backup
Back up your personal data before upgrade, the upgrade process will wipe all user data.
4. Battery
To make sure that the power of the battery is enough to run the upgrade process. Maybe you can connect the handset with the charger or the USB data cable to provide power.]

You may now have to try and follow these instructions:

Huawei U8800 boot menu
To get the boot menu where you can among other things factory reset the Huawei U8800, do the following. If your phone still has the “old” 2.1 or 2.2 versions of Android, just power off and then restart. If, on the other hand, you have 2.3 (Gingerbread), you may have to power off the phone, slide off the back cover, take out the battery, wait a few seconds, reassemble and then do the following:
Press and hold the Volume up+Power keys and keep holding them until your phone vibrates. After a few seconds, you should get an exclamation point inside a triangle and a 3D android, followed by the boot menu. Now you can reset to factory default. You do this with the menu item wipe data/factory reset. Do under no circumstances select wipe cache partition, as this will brick your phone unless you know exactly what you are doing!
Interestingly, all menu items are all lower case, for some reason, with no initial capital letters. To select an option, arrow down with the volume buttons, and select using the power button. Do check you have the correct option before doing this!
I hope you can get your phone going again, but I fear you may have "bricked" it by using the incorrect Firmware!
I accept no responsibility for problems which may occur by providing this information.
All the best. Neil.
ps. If your phone is Rooted correctly and procedures followed, you will be able to update to ICS v4.0.1 You need to research thoroughly through Forums before jumping in.
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