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Originally Posted by Toosploos View Post
I'd love to try TomTom on my S3 because their iPhone app is the best thing out there here in SE Asia. The other day my NDrive quite literally led me to a sand path in the middle of some Thai mountains before it admitted that it actually didnt have a clue where my destination was. Took a 50 kilometer detour cause of that poc. My wife's iPhone TomTom had to solve the problem.
That wasn't on iOS 6 then. Because iPhone navigation since iOS 6 (last week) seems to not be able to hold a candle to Google Maps/Nav!

Has your wife or you used iPhone navigation since iOS 6 yet?

Google Nav is unreliable for us because of the often very weak data signal in my neck of the woods.
Have you, on GNav, tried to set your route while you were still on WiFi, before you started out, and downloaded the maps for that area/country? Because it shouldn't need a data signal once underway. The only thing that does not work without a mobile data connection is the audible voice turn-by-turn assistance. Dynamic maps and routing should be perfectly visible. And miles better than iOS 6 navigation.

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