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Originally Posted by ToyotaTacoma View Post
I was combing through the Nexus forum to look at possibly picking up a GN for my wife.... I can pick one up on craigslist for about $200 locally. The first two comments about battery life is discouraging.

I currently have the Rezound for myself and the battery life is easily the best on the 4 android devices I've had up to this point. I generally use the phone heavily each day (which I know varies by user) and never charge. It usually hovers around the 50% range at the end of the day, which usually includes GPS, light music streaming, and countless emails and text messages.

Anyway, I am looking for a phone for similar type battery life for my wife's phone. I've been looking to get rid of our home phone for quite some time, but before my wife will let me cut the cord, she must have a phone that rings overnight in an emergency without all of the data or text messages waking me up. I am told there is a "Profile" setting in Jelly Bean that will allow this. Basically telling the phone to only ring on phone calls when it is being charged and ignore sounds on any text or data related sounds (without having to do it manually each day). I had this setting on my Blackberry years ago, but am surprised it hasn't carried over yet. They called it "phone calls only" on a ring setting.

I know someone will mention that you can just shut off data, but knowing my wife, that will happen about 20% of the time. I have yet to find an app that will do the same thing. Anyway, is the battery life really that bad?
Are you in a 3G or 4G town?
How many hours of "screen on" time do you normally have?
How much GPS/Nav do you use?

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