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Originally Posted by Mikestony View Post
I then respectfully ask you this question, if he is on Mik3D, then why, when he runs the a2sd check in TE, does it come up DT a2sd as he posted? if, as you say, Mik run a cm variation of DT.
I guess the simplest way to check the differences between the 2 is go ahead and unpartition your sdcard. Flash Mik3D or MikG and see if the phone boots and it obviously will. Then try the rom you're on, reloaded, and at the end of aroma check a2sd(DT) and see where you get. I'll bet you'll be on the white htc evo4g screen forever because you're not partitioned and to run DT, you have to have a partitioned sdcard.

I guess my point is just because you're running a2sd check in TE doesn't mean that you're running DT. The cm a2sd variation allows any rom flasher the ability to boot the rom whether you're partitioned or not, but again, if you're sdcard is partitioned then you'll reap the benefits of the sdext.
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