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Originally Posted by bones420la View Post
Honestly. The childish crap at xda varies by device. I've never really had problems with xda. Just never ask dumb questions in the more popular forums and you'll be good. I've used xda since 09. And I like the xda way of dealing with t****s. Alot of sarcastic and mostly funny posts. There the most frequent users of a certain section point the mods to threads that need to be locked or deleted or whatever. Here. We have mods that have never posted in the spectrum forum trying to be dictator. That's not a good way to run things. Just because someone is a manager at McDonald's. Don't mean they would be best at managing an olive garden. (Hopefully y'all get the analogy I meant) I'm done noe. I've shared my. 02. And now I'm out. Now off to xda. And hopefully the orchestra will give me any info I need about the spectrum
Wouldn't that be more like saying that the manager of McDonalds can only dictate what is allowed or not allowed in the kitchen and not in the dining room?
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