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Originally Posted by blade130x View Post
hello ive recently been thinking of rooting. i have a few questions

what is a good operating system? is the kernal the OS ?

how do you make a copy of the original OS

what is adb and adb tools?
there aren't any good releases out as of yet in my opinion, but i'm working on it lol

and someone else is working on it too.

adb = android device bridge
i can give you a link to the adb and you put it into your (if on Windows XP) Documents and Settings/Your Username/ folder and you can just run "adb" from the command prompt without having to install the sdk

and you can make a copy of the original ROM by going here
and downloading the file and following the directions and you can have a custom recovery where you can backup your system before it is rooted--which it would be great if you did because i released this so that people like you could, and so that such a backup could be posted to the boards because we desperately need a backup of a non-rooted system, and this tool will let you do.

if you use it, please backup your system before root and copy to your pc and then zip it and upload it to a place where i can download it and post the link in the thread that i linked above.

if you do this though you will lose all your personal settings on your phone, so i suggest that you backup your contacts to your sdcard--which can be done easily from the contacts menu

also, you don't even have to use adb to root your phone after you install the custom recovery above. you can just download a completely unedited backup of the merit system that has only been rooted and nothing else from here
which i posted as well.

it's the easiest way to get root and you will have no problems that way and have no complicated commands to run from the adb. and you would be helping me (and the rest of us) by getting us a non-rooted backup of the merit system.

also, do you have the Net10 version or Straight Talk version??? the stuff above will work for either one of those.
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