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Originally Posted by gogogut View Post
I have had my Evo V for about a month and have experienced inconsistent GPS. Wondering if this is normal, something commonly reported, or unique and therefore a reason to return/exchange.
I jump in my car to drive to work/home, turn on GPS, open Google Maps/Waze navigation, and GPS tells me I am a few blocks away, sometimes turning in different directions. As I drive a known route, it continuously tells me to reroute since it think I am on a different, sometimes parallel road.
This sounds similiar to an issue I had with the gps/google nav when I first got the phone
it was weird to say the least, it would have me going say south on a main drag, then have me turn off the main street for example make a left, then a right , another right and then a left right back onto the main street i was on going in same direction,
I rebooted phone etc, clear the destination and entered again etc and got same results,
Also had me travel north tell me make a u turn, I would now be going south, travel a block or so and it would tell me to make a u turn and travel north was weird
It was like 2 sets of directions fighting each other,1 set of directions would be right and would be in the written list of direction
But it would then have me doing all these round about routes only to get me back where I was anyway

I dont use nav much at all , but I just made sure I checked for updates and it was missing 1 or 2, and forgot about it, I just used it yesterday and it worked fine,
IDK that this info actually helped you , just thought Id tell you my experience ,
sorry I couldnt help
good luck
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