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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
The black specs don't look like spiders to me.. but I too am very curious as to what that is.. it doesn't look like anything natural. The rounded edge on the picture on the right looks to precise to be natural... but someone must know what it really is, otherwise I think this would have gotten more media attention. Similar to the "face" on Mars

From 200 miles up those would be some big bones
You can photograph stones, soil, other stuff and eventually find patterns and probably faces. Heck, they see Elvis in their oatmeal and Jesus in soiled napkins. We are programmed to see patterns because that is part of who we are.

Sorry, the face on mars and the spiders are just natural oddities.

Never trust the scientists. They should never contemplate much past the atmosphere because It took them eons to discover Pluto is not a planet.

Or Photoshop.
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