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Originally Posted by RazzMaTazz View Post
From what I can tell, the iPhone also doesn't play nice with Outlook. (Google & Apple want everyone to use their office software solutions instead of Microsoft Office, so they don't want to make it easy to stay synced with Outlook.) For the iPhone I think you have to plug into your PC/Mac and sync through iTunes or use 3rd party software for true cloud-based sync (like this Hotmail solution enables).
True that - I worked with a client through my small tech service and we eventually ended up with an iPhone sync that used the following for her Gmail account:
Email - setting up accounts on phone and computer works already
Calendar - Google Calendar Sync
Contacts - plug in and sync through iTunes (with proper boxes checked - Contacts only)
It seems to work fine, with a little lag on the calendar.

Razz - I've used your suggestion for almost a year and it's worked quite well. I saw the Hotmail App, and tried to use that, but it was a mess - and it wouldn't sync contacts from phone to Outlook after a while, and didn't seem to sync read and deleted emails either.

Here's some tips for what it's worth - some important steps to follow after adding the hotmail email account as a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account. (Example using Samsung Galaxy S 4G on Android 2.3.6)
In Contacts, go to Menu - More - Settings - Save new contacts to: - select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync here. (This is so they'll sync with Outlook)
In Calendar go to Menu - Settings - Calendars and make sure Hotmail is checked (and has the Exchange icon). Then create a new Event by going to Menu - Create, and scroll down to Calendar and tap the arrow and select Hotmail and save. This should stay that way on all new Events, so it will be saved to the correct calendar and sync with Outlook seamlessly.
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