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Originally Posted by iAmRockinRich View Post
So you are recomending to use google music? can you organize your music and create smart playlists? I really would like to cut apple completely out of my life! :-)
You can upload your music collection to Google Music and store up to 20,000 songs for free (I uploaded all of my music, around 8,000 songs). You can create playlists, but honestly I don't really know how well that feature works. I have used it a couple times and that is it. I pay for Slacker Radio premium and that is almost 100% of my music.

From what I hear from people that use MP3s doubletwist is highly recommended.

So, to answer your question... I recommend a good streaming service that allows you to cache music to your phone so you can also listen without data. I use Slacker just because I am used to it, but there are many.
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