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Originally Posted by Stuntman View Post
The lack of an SD card is the reason why I rejected the HTC One S. 16 GB isn't enough and there was no way to increase it. I wanted to put all of my music on my phone and 16 GB wasn't enough. The cloud isn't going to help if I want to listen to my music while on a flight or if I'm out of the country.

I don't have a problem with skins in general. It's just what your personal preference is. I like the HTC Sense skin a lot, but not TouchWiz. I really missed it when going from my Desire Z to the SGS3.

A removable battery is OK, but I need a way to charge my spare battery. I used to have a charging stand for my phone which also allows you to charge your spare battery. It seems these days, the only way to charge your battery is to put it into a phone. Maybe the wireless charging units will make it more convenient to have a spare battery.
You can buy a universal external battery charger. I have one, and it works great on all kinds of phone batteries. Here is an example. Anker Multi-Purpose Universal Rapid Cell phone Battery Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories
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