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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
we are alone in this solar system.. i can agree with that.

in this galaxy... i think we have neighbors ...
in this universe.. we are not alone.
If the Universe is infinite, it will be impossible to reach the end. Or the half-way point, or quarter way point and on and on. Apparently, we wll ever reach the end even if it finite. Either way, there is lots of space in our universe.

The earth formed and that proves it is is not impossible for another earth like planet to form. Out there, somewhere. Either that or we are a fluke and there is only one of us floating around in all that space.

I believe we are not alone. In all that vastness, there must be another place like earth. Perhaps a place just like us, technologically. Or perhaps a place where the bomb was developed early on and humans are gone.

We are not alone, seriously. The problem is, we cannot prove it.
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