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I've been using variants of Linux for over a decade. I'll be the first to tell you it's (obviously) not invulnerable to malware. True, it's not as susceptible as windows, but that's not only because it's designed "safer", it's simply not mainstream like windows is. Hackers, script kiddies, cyber criminals, etc don't have much of a reason to attack Linux. Not enough people use it.

Android is based on Linux yes. It's also not totally safe from malware. There IS malware on Android, and forms of it do find their way onto Google play.

A lot of people say it's a waste to use anti virus on Android. Why? It takes a whole 10 mb of ram (out of a gig? Big deal). It may not save you. But it also might. Many of them also have other nifty and useful options.

Anti virus on Android is not a waste just because some choose to be careless and believe they are savvy enough to save themselves from malware by checking permissions. Sorry to break it to you but permission uses are reported by the app in question, not the android system and can be hidden from the user by a clever coder. Most forms of malware try to hide themselves from you. Why would it be any different on android. So keep using your uber keen insight to think you are saving yourself from malware.

Before my knowledge is questioned and I'm told I know nothing I am a information and technology security analyst, and network administrator by trade and career. It's my job to protect my company from attacks.
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