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Default did android copy apple?

okay so first off i am not a apple fanboy/isheep/i***/general idiot that doesnt understand android.

I was just curious what other people thought about android copying apple. I don't know the history of android, but the design, and a lot of OS basics seem to be similar. It seems as though android took iOS/iphone improved it and then apple copied them in return. So who is right and who is in the wrong?

Now if this is the dealio then why is apple suing everyone? i dont think ford has sued chevy because ford made the first automobile. I mean like its pathetic and desperate.

leading to my next point was the popular apple vs. samsung trial unfair? I know in other nations that samsung has won but people seem to care about good old (sarcastic) America. Look at the number of people in the US who have iphones like it or not most do, so was the jury basically brainwashed? unless they were 90 year old ladies who probably could care less.

and last is apples violence pointless? i mean they seem to be purist and like they promote peace but nope they are just assaulting it head on!

now is it sad that this is longer than the essay i have to write for english class? haha

-Chris D aka cman1414
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