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Originally Posted by bnb25 View Post
Because t-mobile stinks for one, and two when a larger company ie T-mobile buys/merges with a smaller company ie Metro pcs, the smaller company dissolves over time. T-mobile is a contract provider, they have their own small "prepaid" that stinks, Metro Pcs is really the only one of its kind, its no contract but yet somewhat larger then other "prepaid" carriers. Its the only no contract carrier that has true 4g lte, T-mobile a contract carrier doesn't even have 4g lte yet. Prices are going to rise, the conversion of the networks is going to bottle neck the speeds. I don't see anything good in this merger for metro users.

People are saying oh metro will have better phones. HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOOKED AT THE PREPAID PHONES THESE CONTRACT CARRIERS OFFER? they suck. Most of them are worst than what metro pcs carries. Hell we are getting the SGS3. I don't see that on any of the list of prepaid phones.
I personally think its bad for Metro users. It's obvious Tmob bought Metro for LTE. Does anyone honestly think they care about loosing any of the 9mil metro users? No. With that said when Metro gets dropped in 2015 you will either make the move to Tmobile and choose one of their plans or not. Sure T mobile might offer new and better pre paid plans by then BUT they dont have to. Why would they? They have the upper hand. Basically pay what they want or dont, they wont care either way because they will have LTE.

It sucks because Metro was in a league of its own with the hope of only getting bigger and better by itself with the upcoming release of the S3.

Luckily, bring your own device plans are all over the place so finding 4G service for the cheap isn't a problem.
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