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Originally Posted by gr1mlock View Post
I rooted my avail in june with the tcard downgrade and the dialer codes so when my wife wanted a smartphone I talked her into the Avail as well (thinking the root would be cake). After 10+ failed tcard flashes, I even tried to manually root her Avail but I couldn't get it to keep root after a reboot. I gave up and told her I couldn't root it but she wasn't mad...

Forward to this week and I see this thread pop up and immediately this popped into my head:

can I flash this CWM to her non rooted phone and then use CWM to restore one of my nandroid backups? AND, would that then transfer the root to her phone as well? (without losing it during reboots)?

The main reason I even want to spend any more time on her phone is that the limited app space has already come up a few times.

yes, you can use this to put cwm recovery on your wife's phone and then restore a nandroid from your phone that is rooted onto her's and then she will be rooted too. easy as pie

*backup her contacts and anything else she wants to keep first though as they will be erased*

in order to install cwm on an un-rooted device it first factory resets the device and then immediately installs the zte for this because there is no way around it using this method; and this is the only way to get cwm on an un-rooted phone

and root won't disappear after reboot (not with this--as long as your device is fully rooted). it totally replaces the whole filesystem on the phone--it's not a temporary thing...

just use the for your phone [A 1.00]
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