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Originally Posted by MrRoyalOak View Post
Hush up now. You ain't got that ish. Printed out a couple photos and taped it to the front and back of your Esteem? I understand, it makes you feel special. I for one am in Michigan as well. I called every MetroPCS corporate store(because it's impossible that it happened at a dealer location) yesterday pretending to be you and said that I was willing to bring the phone back. I called Lathrup Village, Madison Heights, Hazel Park, Sterling Heights, Livonia, Detroit and a few more. No one knew anything of what I was talking about. A lot of "You got it from here? Hold on...ummm I understand what you're saying buts that's not possible sir. We don't have it here. Are you sure you got it at this location?" That was pretty much the reply I got everywhere.

...but you go right ahead and feel special. Unless you live up north or something. I bet you do now, huh?
Like any store is going to admit to selling it. If they did people would flood the store. And i so feel special, it's a helluva device. Though i wish the Swype keyboard would delete the entire word when you held the delete button. I'm done posting about this anyway, seems people are missing the point, that is starting to arrive at stores. So keep waiting, I'm lucky that my wait is over
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