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Originally Posted by nemesys06 View Post
Like any store is going to admit to selling it.
Which to me anyway, begets the largest flaw in your whole story. (Largest flaw outside not actually having the phone that is)

You stated that the store threatened to kill your service if you didn't return the phone. THAT'S where *I* call Total BS.

Think about it. It doesn't even make sense. At all.

It doesn't take a Metro rocket surgeon employee to know that as soon as your service was killed by them (if they could even do that as a store) it would only take ONE probably 60 second call from You to Corporate to get it turned back on. And THEN, the store would have all living hellfire and brimestone raining down on them from corporate for releasing your phone early.

Even Val the Valvoline chimp of Metro employees would know the best way to handle a misreleased phone Would Not Be to Threaten you.

Good try but, Tilt. Fail.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
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