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Originally Posted by stayboogy View Post
i'm not quite sure how that can happen...

but, even when you have cwm recovery on the phone, it will backup the stock recovery every time. don't ask me how that happens, but it does. all my nandroids have a recovery.img in them that is 6144KB which is the size of the stock recovery.img--and they are made using cwm recovery and even after restore cwm is still on the phone which is only 4654KB.

it could be that cwm runs from the cache when you use the method on an unrooted phone, and since you are in recovery already it can't flash it right away and instead does it upon next boot--and since you wiped the cache and everything that is why stock recovery come back up. of course this is a stretch and is just my attempt at trying to reason how that is possible in the first place.

either way, i'm glad you got it rooted.

as far as not having root after restoring a nandroid of your rooted phone--that doesn't make any sense. people have used my stock rooted nandroid to root their phones that were unrooted and it stuck on their's...

unless att did something to the phone to prevent rooting in B19, which i'm not sure what they could've done, it should have been just fine.

weird is definitely what this all is. but again, either way you got it done and now it's rooted so, glad for you and glad there's testimony my works
I am pretty sure the reason for the odd behavior being seen here is explained here.

" There is also another important file you
should know about. In /system/
recovery.img there is a full copy of
everything that is loaded on mtd1. This
file is automatically flashed onto mtd1
every time you shut down. That means
two things: 1. Any changes you make
directly to /dev/mtd/mtd1 get blown
away on reboot and 2. If you want to
change /dev/mtd/mtd1 you're probably
better off just sticking the image in /
system/recovery.img and rebooting.
When creating your own custom files (especially when adapting
the stock images), you can get tripped up
if you forget to replace /system/
recovery.img and it ends up overwriting /
dev/mtd/mtd1 unbeknownst to you.
Watch out."

This is an excerpt from an article found here.

It's not a big problem, I'm sure with this information stayboogy will be able to fix this in a snap. If he feels it is even necessary.
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