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Originally Posted by Doit2it View Post
So the question is, what did the 'theoretical' Android OS look like in 2003 and 2005. Was it an icon/touch based OS or something else. If so, did Apple copy Android? It is more than likely a case of simultaneous invention. Where both companies were exclusively working on similar ideas at the same time.

It's obvious that Steve Jobs did not believe in simultaneous invention as he had vowed to destroy Android. Unfortunately, the stream of lawsuits from the Apple camp prove that a main legacy of one of the most inventive men of current times is a hatred of competition and wanton monopolist intentions.
Are you asking if Android or Apple brought us a touch screen and icons first? Clarify, please.

We are icon driven. Not sure anyone should be called a copycat because they use icons. There is/was no other choice: put application icons on the little screen. Tap to launch.

I owned a HP Palmtop and a Vaden Clio and a Cassiopeia and countless Palm Pilots. All before the iDevice and Android.

And you are correct in saying Jobs wanted Android gone.
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