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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
Honestly, I really don't mind the skins, or the external sd storage as long as there is ample space on the device (nothing less than 32gb), but the removeable battery is very inportant to me. As I am a heavy user and I charge a lot, about 2-3x a day, or have my phone plugged while hotspot tethering, I've had several instances where batteries are swelling on me. This is a problem with non removeable batteries, and is dangerous. With removeable ones I can check the batteries once I pass the 10mo age if they are starting to swell or leak.
What device? I find a lot of people (not you) are comparing the battery usage to old phone models or making assumptions without having used a newer models such as the HTC EV) 4G, Samsung Galaxy SIII.

As I stated earlier, i had an original EVO and the battery performance was horrible, but my new EVO 4G LTE, the battery is amazing. Yesterday I went out at 9am, Heavy texting, tweeted, FourSquare, heavy searching on Google maps, internet, taking pictures, reading books and played a few games. My phone was good until 9:30pm and I still had 17% battery left.
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