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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
ROFL Clementine! This is the FIRST time Ive ever thought about that controvercial name! And "Chocolate Babies!...whew! Somebody hepp-me! Havent caught my breath from laughing so hard! Makes me wanna say to the company: "Hey! Why its gotta be a 'black' thang".
I still do not think the name is in any way controversial. They are Black. That is their color. And Crows are black. that is their color. So Black Crows is a good name for the product.

If anything, the maker should be criticized for redundancy.

If they were coconut flavored , Devil shaped and white in color, what would they call them? White Devils perhaps?

Devil Girl Hot Kisses Candy - Carton of 12 - R. Crumb: Comics & Underground Comix

As for Chocolate Babies. Hmm... let us see. They are chocolate and they are shaped like babies. What shall we call them. Cocca Brats? No, there must be a name that sums up their advanced feature set. They are chocolate and shaped like babies. Gosh this is a tough call.

I got it, we will call them "Mocha Lasses." Now available in coconut flavors. We call then "White Coccanut Supremacists."

Thank God we no longer use the term many people once applied to Brazil Nuts. If you want to get offended, Google that.
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