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Did Android copy Apple?

In the popular forums sense of historical mis-quotes, no.

In the early prototype days, three form factors were considers - the Blackberry style, the touchscreen, and slider. The first Android G1 was a slider.

Design elements by each side looked at earlier smartphone products to move forward.

Android is a Linux smartphone, there were at least two of those, one popular, on the market before Android.

As noted earlier, there's only so much that can be done with touchscreens and both borrowed heavily from previous designs.

And if this thread devolves into yet another long, blow-by-blow rehash of the points over and over that's dominated every other thread when the word Apple is used, I'm either to going to delete those posts or lock this thread.

At some point, enough of that is enough, and I think we've heard all 12,000 words possible on how Apple is great because their customers stand in line - from both sides of the fence.

Cheers, thanks!
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