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Originally Posted by QuadConPana View Post
A lot of iOS users say that they prefer that platform because it allows interconnectivity with things like their Macbook and Apple TV. And, that is true. But, it seems to me that since Android is an open source OS, there are unlimited possibilities for future devices to be Android compatible. For example:

Nikon and Samsung are including the OS in point and shoot cameras now.

And, there are the thumb drive sized Mini PC's.

It seems to me that the home automation industry, for one, needs to jump on the Android bandwagon. Wouldn't an Android HVAC thermostat be the bomb? How about an Android solar powered digital security camera? How much would it cost to put an older build like Donut or Eclair on a chip and insert it into even the most mundane things like coffeemakers so that they could be controlled by your smartphone or tablet? And, since items like that would only have to run embedded software, there would be no need for them to download apps, so the open source versions would be sufficient, right?

What other types of uses and applications can you see for Android in the future?
As for Nikon and SS, I am not sure what to say. My point and shoot camera already includes the Android OS. I call mine a cellphone. Perhaps Nikon and SS are trying to capture more market share and because Android is "hot" they are using it.

Or is there a compelling reason to use Android on a camera?

The home automation industry (at least the slender segment I am slowly coming to know well) is on the bandwagon. Look at Control4; they use Android right now. Several Android devices arriving soon and several already out there. I am not sure why we need to add Android to everything in sight.

As for the coffee maker, don't you need to fill it with coffee, change the filter and clean the pot? I am sure you can do this with Android and a few thousands of dollars for a complex coffee maker.

I prefer a French Press myself.

I am really not sure what Android can do for a coffee maker, but I say go for it. And an Android frige, too. Or is there one of those out there now?

I am not sure how I would use Android. Something to think about.

Being open source is not really a factor, is it? I know a few companies that use their own software for controlling their stuff. Not sure if it is because they invested so much money to develop it or perhaps Android offers very little of value to these manufacturers.

I do not think Android is the be-all and end-all to operating systems for products like coffee makers, cameras and other stuff. Just a free OS that manufacturers do not need to pay for.

Let me ask the experts this: If I am developing a control program and/or a device like an Android refrigerator or the aforementioned coffee maker, do I need Android on my device in order for it to be controlled by an Android phone or can Android control non-Android devices?

I do not really know.
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