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Originally Posted by tmaertin View Post
Haha those little vents holes are tough to see. TurboJoe is right those are covers for the USB and headphone ports.

I agree at 50 bucks its a tad pricey, but IMHO the protection it gives is worth it. I like what basically amounts to off road tire tread on the back - this thing does not slide at all.
Oh yeah, I couldn't see how those aligned to the plastic earlier, I was looking from a 3.7inch screen
Should be handy if you take it outside a lot, prevent dust from getting in your ports. I don't see how TurboJoe is right tho, I can't make much sense of his cable argument.

It looks really cool with both covers on, but as you said it's quite pricey. To me it wouldn't be worth it, I wouldn't spend a quarter of my tablet's price on a case. But that's just me, knowing the alternatives
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