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I initially went with this phone over the S3 as I had read online it was compatible with 4G. The Samsung website is itself misleading and the staff in the phone shops seem to know even less. However, after much deliberation I decided to go for the uk 3G version as I don't really use my phone out of wifi range often and didn't want to pay a premium on the handset and tarriff for a service that I wouldn't really use. Apart from EE, no one in the uk is selling the 4g versions yet and EE haven't even confirmed pricing yet. From various websites and talking to staff in stores it sounds like 4g is going to be a bit of a mess for a few years whereas 3G might finally get sorted out. I'm sticking with value and performance over a showpiece feature which will be overpriced and sketchy unless you live in central London or another major city.
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