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So, here's the thing.

I just cleaned something like 11 posts out of this thread on account of being too silly to moderate otherwise and responses to too silly.

I could quote the part of the rules that say -

Please don't make pointless rude/nonconstructive replies.
But I won't do that.

I'm not even going to mention that the rules say that there's an infraction system in place or that moderators work things at their own discretion.

I'm simply going to suggest that the non-constructive posts I've deleted did not make my dog happy one little bit.

It's not good when my dog is unhappy. He gets downright churlish. Then, I have to feed him bacon cheeseburgers until he's calmed down.

If you're not lining up with bacon cheeseburgers for my dog, then I'd just really advise to not upset him any further - please be polite, please post constructively here.

Cheers, thanks.
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