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Originally Posted by averagewonder View Post
definitely i know alot of people complain about the "cheap" feel or "plasticy" feel to it but i think that was done for a reason. If you look at the lets say iphone with the solid feel of it look how easily it gets chipped and what not its got no flexibility or shock absorption in it its just to sturdy. Same reason that you drop most plastic cups they just bounce with nothing wrong with them but you drop a glass cup and it smashes all over its just to solid with no flexibility. Plus i still haven't been able to figure out what apple or any other company really gains by not having a removable battery it just seems like common sence to me same thing with an card slot i dont care if my phone has 500 of internal gigs i still want an SD slot.
Supposedly they do a non-removable battery so they can make it thinner, but really I just think its so you have to send the phone in for repairs or replacement if the battery quits on you.

And the no-SD slot as in the case of the iphone is so if you want more storage on your phone you HAVE to pay more. No being cheap and getting a 64GB SD card for $30.
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