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And as I said, capital gains taxes are not exclusively the realm of the rich. You are punishing everybody subject to capital gains tax, if you sell your home you can be subject to capital gains. Have any investments? Real estate other than your "homestead"? Did you make money selling anything you own? All of these can be hit with capital gains tax.

I don't care what that study says the income inequality has nothing to do with taxes, if you want to stop that you will have to figure out how to eliminate greed. Taxing the wealthy more is not going to change that in any way shape or form, the people who conducted this study are positing a theory of their own concoction to achieve the goals they want.

If you want to make things fair put a 15% flat tax on everyone, no deductions or loopholes, everybody pays the same. I have news for you, this will be unfair in the eyes of people who support more tax on the wealthy because guess what, they will pay less than they do now and a large portion of the population will pay more. But it will be fair.

The real problem lies with companies where the CEO makes as much or more than all other employees combined. If you own a company you are entitled to make as much as you can, but to pay salaries of that magnitude for any position while many of the employees are scratching to make a living is pure greed and wrong. Get rid of that and you will see the inequality shrink.
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