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there is a large portion of the market that dont leave covered areas.. and if they do, it aint for long. Could services are a good solution for many.

i think...privacy is the only major hurdle for could services. I myself only use it for work. Data is important.. but only to the company. My private info.. i try to keep off the net.

because Apple already has the market cornered for .. locked down walled gardens. and they make a good product for it... with a very loyal following. No new contenders into this market will do well.
so, google will not try to follow apple into that walled garden. they can not let OEMs take away android's biggest differentiators.. choices!

if one OEM drops SDcard support... but another still offers it.. then the market forces (supply and demand) will do its thing.. and i am sure the superior choice will win out.

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