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Originally Posted by ocyberbum View Post
i was thinking the same thing, so i called VZW and the guy told me to hold off that HTC is coming out with an update soon, maybe this month and that it was going to fix a lot of issues everyone is having with ICS right now, i did notice if i lose time and set it manually then wait awhile and set it back to automatic that it will sync up... i just bought two programs called tasker and fast reboot to see if i could make something work to refresh my ph.. so i guess ill wait for this update and see if it works and avoid getting a refurbish phone for now
lol... if I had a nickel for every person who said Verizon told them "an update will be coming out soon" for something... well, lets just say I would have a lot of nickels.

Not to make light of your issue, it is serious and sounds like a hardware issue with the clock in the device... I am not sure how often it syncs to it's time source, but my guess is only when the network changes, and if you are always on Verizon and never lose signal I would bet it syncs time only at set intervals which are obviously too far apart.

So, it is your choice to wait a while if you wish, but I agree with Smokey Joe on this one. If you have done a factory reset and the issue continues, it is most likely hardware and you should probably get a replacement.
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