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Originally Posted by buzzcon View Post
I agree, but who do you trust for information? The candidates are vague in their ads and news outlets almost always have an agenda. Fox News and MSNBC place their own spin on stories and sadly many cannot or don't want to see it.

I am voting for a city councilmen who I went to school with, had coffee and cocktails with. I know him and his agenda, and this is rare for a voter. His party affiliation doesn't matter to me.
Take who pays what in taxes for example. I know for a fact that the bottom 50% of the people in this country pay no federal income taxes. This is a fact and the facts come from the IRS. So you look at the actual data rather than listen to the talking heads, spinners and so forth.

When you listen to the left side, the rich need to be taxed more. BS, the rich are hard to define and they create the jobs. The left never says half this country pays zero federal taxes.

Look at what they promised in their campaigns and what they actually did while in office.

Read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and learn what our leaders can do and cannot do. Look at what they try to do. Look at their voting records. Look at the people they hire. My God, look at who Obama surrounds himself with. Some scary people to be sure.

As for the man you know. OK, perhaps he is a good man. What are his qualifications? Do not be fooled by the man you had drinks with. I have knows a few local politicos and they are always campaigning. Even over drinks.

Not saying the man you are voting for is a bum, but learn that in politics, people can be much different in private than when they start making decisions that affect you.

It is very hard, I know, but these days, we simply cannot afford to hire bad people.
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