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Originally Posted by robertkoa View Post
You could be right.

With no Metro-less competition.

And will a corporation spend all that money just to offer us the same low cost Plans and service?

Hopefully yes- but the Merger announcement just as Metro offers Motion 4G and the Galaxy S3 and the great 4G plans makes no sense to me for Metro expansion and may not be in the best interest of the Metro Brand and it's customers and Dealers and Employees since it raises doubts.

I like Metro and hope it grows and continues but wonder......
That's what confused me. About to launch a flash ship device and then the signing of the merge happens. Idk. I wish they would just fully reveal their real intentions and plans but i guess any thing and everything could change overnight which would be a logical reason not to i suppose.

We'll know soon enough. Our makes me wonder though when metro and tmob employees tell you to hold off buying the s3. 500 and something dollar phone and they tell their customers to wait. Lol. Makes you wonder.
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