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Originally Posted by OcalaFlGuy View Post
I am unclear here.

For example, I hear about some who are on a $60 plan with unlimited Rhapsody that they still have though the plan isn't offered (?) anymore to new members.

If they ended the $55 "Promo", would everyone on it go to some other plan the next month no matter what? (ie; if for example we heard the $55 plan was ending a couple months before my Verizon contract was up that it wouldn't do me any good to get on the $55 plan while I still could?)

I don't understand. Sorry.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
being grandfathered means you ratain the plan you had with the same rates and services even if the plan is no longer offered.

i was initially on the $60 no limit all plan with metrostudio(bad choice, Mstudio sux). metro raised the price of the no limit all plan to $70 and the $60 plan became 5GB 4G. i continued to have no limit all at $60 despite the change in rate plans.

if i had switched my plan i would not be able to go back $60 no limit all as that plan was gone. i would have to pay $70 for no limit all.
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