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Default Tasker and SMS Backup+ and Juice Defender

I'm trying to figure out how to use Tasker to automate a function available from SMS Backup+.

SMS Backup+ sends me email messages from my phone and SMS/MMS logs. The way it works is that on a periodic basis (every 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, etc., as specified in program settings) it checks for new information in my phone log or SMS log and sends me an email message with info on each new entry. I like this because it allows me to have a complete contact history (email, phone, SMS) in my Gmail account.

But -- I'd like it to post new entries immediately, instead of on a schedule. One reason for this is that I use Juice Defender to save battery life. More times than not, the phone screen, and hence connectivity, are turned off when the SMS Backup+ schedule kicks in. Hence, nothing gets sent until connectivity HAPPENS to be enabled when the schedule is invoked. (Within SMS Backup+ you can set incoming SMS to post 1 minute after completion, but not phone calls or outgoing SMS messages.)

SMS Backup+ has third-party integration with Tasker, but I'm not at all clear on how it works. If I select the Action Category "3rd Party" and then choose ""SMS Backup+" from the list of enabled 3rd party actions, I get a screen that allows me to specify an "If" option and a label, but I don't see any program actions listed, nor a place to insert a command.

SMS Backup+'s documentation says I can "send the broadcast intent com.zegoggles.smssync.BACKUP." How can I have Tasker do this -- triggered, say, by my sending or receiving an SMS or a phone call? How do I work that into a script?

Presumably I can use Tasker to disable JuiceDefender immediately before "sending the broadcast intent," and then r-enable JuiceDefender after a minute or so. And then all will be well with the world (until I think of something else to futz with).
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