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I will post here for everyone else.
1. System font is edited with apktools jBAwAQ& oid-apktool%2Fdownloads%2Flist&ei=o2pzUMCTDYeB0AGAvoHQ CQ&usg=AFQjCNH8MkJrRqeK8jZFXtIV-uQqcs0uWw&cad=rja
2. Same with the text color. 3. If you want a costume notification bg just hit up uot and look under notification menu/drop down menu. (after uploading Framework.res & SystemUI apk's

Note after uot puts in a custom bg you can change it to ANYTHING. Just find in SystemUI/res/drawable-mdpi/statusbar-background.--- among other files that are pretty obvious.

P.S. when changing font color with notepad++ inside of the decomposed apk you have to find drawable mdpi and than color. BOTH files HAVE to be edited (font.XML and color.XML. Otherwise there will be conflicts within the application itself. Than you have to manually inter the code for that color. E.G.- transparent purple -- ff 888888 . The ff. Is transparent. If you want it solid just change this value to either 00 or 01. I Am not 100% sure of these exact values/name's. As these things change per. Phone/rom.
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