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Hi Pup! Sorry it was cold, hope you had fun! Night Anti, enjoy tucking the little ones in! Today I learned something new that added a plus one to the android vs. apple thing in my mind (not that i would even consider an apple product, lol). I am the resident neighborhood tech person; today one of my neighbors had a problem with their new iPad and called asking for help. Long story short, when their iPad updated to the new IOS6 this last week, it borked the tablet causing it to randomly change pages and open apps. So according to apple tech support, the only way I could fix it was to wipe the whole system and start over. So, ok, here is the plus one. The only way to wipe and restore from the Iclould backup is by connecting to a computer and doing it through itunes. My neighbors do not have a computer so their chioice was to do a full wipe and set up with no restore of the backup, or have me do it with my pc. The plus one for android is I do not have to be connected to a computer to restore my back up from a cloud! Got to love the Android systems!
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