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Originally Posted by ToyotaTacoma View Post
Anyway, I am looking for a phone for similar type battery life for my wife's phone. I've been looking to get rid of our home phone for quite some time, but before my wife will let me cut the cord, she must have a phone that rings overnight in an emergency without all of the data or text messages waking me up. I am told there is a "Profile" setting in Jelly Bean that will allow this. Basically telling the phone to only ring on phone calls when it is being charged and ignore sounds on any text or data related sounds (without having to do it manually each day). I had this setting on my Blackberry years ago, but am surprised it hasn't carried over yet. They called it "phone calls only" on a ring setting.

I know someone will mention that you can just shut off data, but knowing my wife, that will happen about 20% of the time. I have yet to find an app that will do the same thing. Anyway, is the battery life really that bad?
I'm not too certain on the JB settings but there is one APP that can accomplish both of the goals you are seeking, and do it all automatically. It can be a bit tricky to understand at first but it is a very powerful APP. It cost a few $ but you can try it free for a week from the developers site, it's called Tasker.
I have it turn email sync on for 5 minutes every 2 hours during the hours of 7am-11pm. I block all text messages from 1am-7am and you can even have it send an autoreply message that you are sleeping and reply with the word urgent in your message if they want it to go through on text, which is just another profile within the app to respond to the word urgent. I had it setup to block all phone calls from numbers not on my contact list from 1am-7am as well.
There are many ways to set it up to your liking and here is a good thread to look into for other ideas.
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