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Originally Posted by lunatic59 View Post
I think I'm going to hate it at first. It's going to force me to change a lot of the processes I have streamlined for my daily activities. Simple file copies, document creation, spreadsheets, etc. will require thinking differently. This is a bigger interface jump from 7 than XP to Vista was and look how horribly that turned out. Metro on the desktop just doesn't make sense to me.
Then why not simply avoid the upgrade and stick with what you know?

I wonder why people whine (not you) about the next version of Windows and how much it will suck rather than stay with what they know and use and need and like and tolerate?

Like complaining about a smart phone you will never purchase. Why worry iffin you ain't a gonna to go there?

I'll avoid the upgrade unless the final release is workable. For me. So far, Microsoft has a way to go.
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