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Man I can't believe this wonderful thread was going on right underneath my nose I didn't even realize it!!!!! I have got to start paying better attention lol. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Doctor Who fanatic......fangirl lol. I had never seen it until the show started back up with Eccleston. Then I would watch Red Dwarf the Doctor Who. When I learned the Eccleston was leaving the show I was so sad because I really like him and to this day I still think he was Fanstasic!! However by David's 2nd or 3rd episode I was hooked on his Doctor in a big way. I still am. I bawled and bawled like a big baby in The End of Time. um, actually I still do, I watch it about once a month lol. I also watch Time Crash at least once a week...the children's charity skit they did where David Tennant's Doctor meets Peter Davison's Doctor...(his father in law which I see y'all already discussed ) I love that and it makes me smile. I have just never been able to get that devoted to Matt Smith's acting. I think he's a really nice guy when I see him on talk shows and on things like The Nerdist but on one hand we had Tennant's acting and when he was sad you saw it in his entire body, the way he walked and slumped and the same thing when he was excited and happy, it radiated off of him. Matt Smith's Doctor seems like a kid in a cady shop all the time, just laa dee da, nothing too serious here. I've started going back and watching the classics there are some of those early ones though that are lost to us forever. When they were running out of storage space they started refilming over some of the previous episodes and those were the only copies there were. I get a lot of flak about this but I only speak my true thoughts when talking about this show I love so dearly. I am not a fan of the Doctors Baker. Either one of them. Well Colin Baker was just a friggin joke, seriously. I'm not a Tom Baker fan either. Now I don't know if that's because of what I've read about him in his later years pre judging him or not, I just know he's down there on my list of Doctors. I liked Pertwee and Troughton much better than Baker. I think had McGann been given a decent script or even a spot in the series he would been great.

Now, I read a book a month or so was from 2007 called Dalek I Loved You by Nick Griffiths from England. It's a memoir of him growing up with the Doctor in his life and how much that meant to him, he eventually got a job as a reporter over there for the Radio Times. He has been lucky enough to interview almost every Doctor, and all the companions. David Tennant wrote the forward to that book. It's only a couple bucks on Kindle. I'm now reading the follow up to it where he went along and snapped pics at the different locations they filmed Doctor Who, it's call Who Goes There and it has a companion website with it that shows the pics and then has a google map to it and I think it's really cool to take your little orange man and go down street level and it's like you are there too I went to his website after reading the first book and left him a comment...he commented back to me and now we chat a few times a week on his site and we follow each other on twitter. I said yeah, that's my claim to faim. I'm friends with a man who knows David Tennant. lol

I know I just rattled on, I apologize, I get that way when discussing something I love so much. Plus no one around me shares my love of the Doctor and I don't get to talk like this much. lol. Oh, one more thing before I shut my gob...favorite companions...of course I will say Rose how could I not?? I happened to like Donna though, maybe because I'm a lot like that in I don't take any crap off anyone haha. I didn't really care for Martha. I loved Sarah Jane Smith and I know a lot of people call Captain Jack a companion but I call those that had a regular steady part a companion. I loved Captain Jack and I loved him in Torchwood, but I don't consider him a companion. Least favorite....Adric bahahahaha...yuk. Also even though I consider Blink my all time favorite Who episode ever, I prefer RTD writing over Moffat's. Um, isn't it funny how we all love Blink so much and yet the Doctor is barely even in it.

Thank you all so very very much for this thread and I love you all simply for your love of the Doctor. Next time I will try to not write a book


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