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Default Making a Nandroid Back-up with 4Ext

Now that you have 4Ext Recovery installed, I am sure you are itching to flash a new ROM.


Why do you need this? In case the ROM you flash (or a kernel, mod or tweak) goes wrong, this will allow you to restore your phone to the way it was before you flashed the ROM (kernel/mod/tweak).


1. Make sure you have about 1.6 GB free on your SDCard.
  • A Nandroid back-up with a few typical apps use up from 600 MB to 1.1 GB of space on your SDCard.
  • The rest you will need later to install the new ROM (usually 150 MB to 500 MB in size).

These are estimates since I am not sure exactly what you are backing up. If you have games or a lot of apps installed you could need a lot more space.

Don't worry, if you try to make a back-up and there is not enough space on your SDCard, 4Ext Recovery will inform you and not make the back-up.
2. Make sure you have enough battery life to complete the task. Making a back-up can take 5-10 minutes. The typical recommendation is that your battery level should be at, at least 70%. Okay, in the pics below you will see I did not follow the 70% thing. For now, follow the general recommendation. In the future, you will know how much power you need to complete a task.

Lets make the back-up

By now you have learned to go to recovery via Disable Quick Boot > Power Down > Volume Down > Power Up.

Since we have 4Ext Recovery installed, we will do it the easier way.
  • Launch 4Ext Recovery from your app drawer.
  • Select Power Menu
  • Select Reboot into Recovery
This has the same effect as booting volume down/power. You don't have to disable fastboot.

Your phone will now reboot.

Welcome to Mars. Don't worry, its a touch screen interface

Creating a backup is simple.

Select backup | restore

Select Backup and you will be ask to confirm your action.

The process should take 4-5 minutes. It could take longer if you are backing up a lot of data.

Once done, you can use the <-- button on the bottom of the screen, or the back button on your phone, to get back to the main screen.

Once the you can reboot or stay in recovery and do something else.

So Congratulations, you created your first Nandroid backup.
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