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Originally Posted by Digital Controller View Post
Hey everyone i have been posting on this forum a lot, mostly on the general questions forum, but i thought i would share some music

Anyhow, I may be preaching to the choir here, but I love electronic music, i haven't seen much love for that here so far haha, but i thought i could share some and see what people think...

So this is technically from a genre called, "Dubstep"

Bon Iver - Woods (Zeds Dead Remix) - YouTube
My current interest is in accurate reprodction, not wat you might think of when you think of EM.

I once was a rabid electronic music devote. I built lots of kits and things like ASDRs, filters, ring modulators, drum (pattern) machines and the like. Eventually, I understood how these things worked and I started modifying them or scratch design/builds. In the day, patche cords and cables were required.

Then I started looking for something else musically. Eventually, I gravitated toward music from the 1930's/40's and music by the great classical composers. Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mahler and so many others. Not to mention, Bing, Frank, big bands, military bands and so forth.

Then Bluegrass came along and I took up the banjo.

I started my classical education playing the flute then settled on the B-Flat Coronet until an errant baseball ended it. One hit in the choppers and the embroshure was Poof! I moved from the orchestra playing Arbans to the Music City Marching Band. We did all the local Christmas and Thanksgiving parades as well as ball games and such.

Then I took to the stage at the Valley Fair Music Hall, where we did many performances of the Music Man. While I was there, I met a brilliant designer who developed an electronic flute and I once again became interested in electronic music.

Somewhere along the way, I developed an interest in direct to digital recording. A local choir director recorded one of--if not the first-- direct to digital albums.

Now I am back to exploring electronic music and building hand made instruments just to incorporate Midi. I am planning to build another theramin, perhaps (not midi). My goal is to build a Glass Harmonca and perhaps a Hurdy-Gurdy and a few "world instruments."

Perhaps add Midi to a Deering Crossfire.

After all of that and ignoring electronic music for many years, I am rekindling my interest in electronic music.
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