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If somebody makes a RSS feed directly to RMS TEXT Message, I'd be delighted to test it for you. Once proven product, I would gladly subscribe if price is reasonable.
RSS message sent from service offering work (jobs)
Your App service receives and pushes/pulls RSS feed message very often. The more often the better. Immediate is worth $$
Filters set to certain keyword would be worth. more $$ to me.
IF keyword then send text else ignore message.
Sends RMS TEXT message to Android phone (truncated to a certain number of characters would not be a problem for me.
I would hopefully get a jump on my competitor or at least an even footing.
I hear text alarm and use an app from job service to see the work offered and bid for it. Often the work is first reply gets the work.
It would be important the cell phone make a sound that can be heard. Something unique to the app, but with a volume control would be fantastic.
Gmail does not make a sound that can be heard when cell phone in carry case. Text message was very poor volume, but my Sprint store Assistant Manager was able to improve text message sound today.
Again, once proven, I would subscribe to it.

Currently, service pulls RSS to email which when working correctly sents SMS Text message alert. That method has been iffy and slow at times ... or failed all together. When that happens, my competitors get the work and I am empty handed.
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