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Originally Posted by tbonus76 View Post
Thank you!
...and thank you for the guide, that happens to be the one I used last night... very helpful, thanks. Except I see that you now added the link for 4.0.3 and removed the comment about "why would you want to..." If only I had waited 24 hours I wouldn't have had to go on a wild goose chase for 4.0.3 stock!

Getting ready to do my phone now.... it's driving me nuts.

I'll report back with an update sometime soon.

Back to the Atmazzz guide for me!

EDIT: I just noticed that you linked the hotfile download of 4.0.3... I was not able to get that one to work due to a corrupt archive: it wouldnt decompress. I downloaded it twice with the same result. Maybe someone else can try to decompress it to verify? Anyway, FYI, I used this one:

Download GalaxyS2/SGH-T989/ICS/ at

Hi tbonus. Sorry for the trouble. I downloaded it and had the same problem. SamMobile has links for all the stock roms. They have 2 for 4.0.3 and obviously I picked the wrong one. The guide has been updated. And yes, I added 4.0.3 after I saw you talking about it. I wouldn't want it but I added it in case someone else does.
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