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Originally Posted by Edsmile View Post
Just signed up on this forum just to comment. Hey, Milwaukee! Me too. Loved my Evo - for last 3 years or so. Long time Sprint customer. But, broke the charging port. So, I JUST upgraded to a Galaxy 3. Yea, nice, not on the same order of improvement that the iPhone or Evo was a few years ago, but nice. Anyway, it is dropping calls! And no reception in buildings here in MKE. What? Am on day 10 or so before I can turn it in (Sprint). Any luck with the newer Evo? Better reception? Maybe I'll go back to the old Evo. or iPhone.
Hey, I don't have any issues with reception in Milwaukee (US Cellular) so it could just be your carrier. It happens. My only problem really is in my office and even then, it's just data as I get calls and texts just fine. Go figure. maybe you should consider a different carrier entirely - doesn't hurt to just try since you do have the buyers remorse period. I think T-Mobile has good service here although they're crap in Racine. AT&T wouldn't be bad if it weren't for their data really slowing down in the afternoons. Oh and yah, US Cellular is actually pretty good to (except of course for the aforementioned office ). The thing about USCC is that after the initial contract, you NEVER have to sign another contract again. You still get new phones at contract rates after that (normal time frames apply) but you don;t have to sign another contract. How cool is that?! They have a special family plan offer going on right now too - unlimited voice and text for $99. Data plans are additional. I'm really thinking though that every carrier has issues of one sort or another and you simply have to figure out which one you can live with and which you can't. The S3 is a great phone but maybe a change of carrier is in order. Hit me up with any questions.
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