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Had time to play with this all day as down and out with the flu..
Will post a in-depth review over a few posts so this one doesn't get too long..

1: Problems: Screen reset itself in to HMDI 1020-I Mode..... Was set to HDMI-1020-P
This makes the screen on my tv out of reach so have no access to setting menu.
Also Mouse turned into a black box, with the green man inside it.. becomes useless and it takes up huge amounts of screen..

Fix: As yet I have not worked out how to boot in to recovery.. using the method that is in the one of the posts in this thread doesnt not work on the ATV3000.
(posted method: Hold reset button and power on for at least 3 seconds, to boot in to Recovery..for mine it just boots in to the system again and again.. )

My work around was to use TB boot to recovery.. boots me in to it.. (had to do this by counting down and guess work as could not see the menu-had it opened on my pad and was counting down to the command - 14 clicks if you have to do it)
so I can do a system reset..

What we need is a fix for Boot to recovery for this type of box..
if anyone has done it please post how you did it..

For now.. on market is a "REBOOTRECOVERY" by Qbanin for Samsung devices that works well.. my suggestion is have it to the top left hand side of your screen so that if you get in to trouble you can use the remote control to boot to "recovery" to get yourself out of trouble..

2: Internal Hard drives -- I dropped a tester 500gig in to see how it went.. no problems.. only thing I noticed was how hot it was.. as I pulled it out after a few hours to see.. I am worried that there is not enough ventilation with in the unit to keep it cool.. as with most people.. they will have this box under there TV in a cabinet that doesn't get much air. Fire Hazard..? or a harddrive killer? Maybe.. I think it would be better to stick with USB drives.. as they are dime a dozen now a days..and are plug and play.. I have a 1T seagate passport hooked in to the router on the Samba and the media box is streaming from this well enough.. plus all other devices work with it..

3: Samba - Why not.. go ahead and do it.. set your sdcard or USB drive as Shared drive and you don't have to be plugging an transferring..
On Market - Samba Filesharing by Funkyfresh.. works a treat..

4: SDcard slot problems - I am still testing this and not sure on it.. might be the cause of the first problem.. maybe an over heating problem, sdcard shits itself and system goes bonkers.. I still need to play with this.. but I was having problems with it not loading programs that I had transferred.. i.e "Parse error"
yet, I can pull the sdcard out and put it in to my transformer dock and it will install the exact same file..
This also leads to me having problems of using the sdcard slot as an update vehicle so I have moved to using one of the USB slots and put a 8gig usb in as my system upgrade memory..

5: upgrade to 730 - fail -
upgrade to 730 mod - fail -
both of these slow my box down to snails pace.. something in the kernel I think is killing the system.. the allication of resources on our 512k memory is just not working on this upgrade..
529- no problems.. zippy as hell..
I did notice a few things via CPU Master.. mine is running at 850MHz with the Min set @ 300 and its on the Conservative Governor..
Now with a little digging around in system I can see there are some files we might be able to play with that would open this up..
As time allows I will see if changing any of the values in the kernel system files are going to allow us to tweak this up a bit..
and also maybe let us use other the Governors.. like performance..
Bit of shame that the kernel is not opened up to us as yet.. so am thinking of sending an email to them tomorrow and point them to this thread and XDA so that they know that by opening this up a little will get them more exposure.. therefore selling more units.. anyway.. as time permits hopefully we can play more with this..

6: XBMC - lastest version -
Discussion -
Running a treat on mine so far.. I need more time with it.. but dam.. its sweet..

edit... XBMC.....MAN....THIS ROCKS!!!!!

Final thoughts.. I am thinking that the 512k memory is a painful limitation for these box's, as I am noticing only about 105-71mb is left for applications..1meg-2meg would make these things so more fun.. and I suppose dual/Quad as we are really first at the gate.. its to be expected that we are going to want to upgrade to better box's as they come to market..
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