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Originally Posted by MSUgEEk View Post
I think someone in our engineering group needs to be educated on proper etiquette at group luncheon learning sessions as well as diabetes. We have monthly lunch and learn sessions where they feed us and have a professional development presentation. You get there 5-10 mins early and get your food and eat while the presentation is going on. If you get there late, you're supposed to eat afterwards. This one guy gets there late, fixes his plate anyway, sits down, eats, then gets up when he's shoveled his food in and goes back and gets no less than half a dozen cookies (of which there really was only enough for folks to have 2) and woofs them down and then chases them with a Coke. Dude's gonna crash hard in about an hour.
Just everyone agree to GLARE at him with intense scowls the whole time. Every time. Maybe he'll get the hint (maybe).

Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
I'll keep some lonely blue presence in here.
You know jhawkkw, there's a gold fix for that

But we love ya no matter what color you are. We're not colorist here...

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