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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post

The fail is strong in this one.

Interesting that he finally came out and said that it's time that they built phones.

Nokia must be thrilled. Watch for the Microsoft buy out there, something that I predicted when they got their Microsoft quisling, Elop, in to gut the company and run it into the ground.
What I am seeing are articles contrasting Apple's old guard . . . Jobs, with the new leader, Cook. Seems there are many people glad Jobs is gone. Not dead, just gone. He was a tough guy to work with and some say quite unreasonable.

I read an article about how Jobs demanded Corning bring Gorilla glass out of the darkness and how he demanded Corning make so many tens of thousands of square feet of the stuff.

Now, Corning has a new profit center, even though the glass goes to China for final chemical processing to make it strong.

fortune did an article about Cook and his willingness to sit with employees in the Apple lunch room and shoot the you know what. Cook meets with big stock holders and Jobs did not.

I am wondering just how much of the Jobs mystique is true. My guess--as a person that did not read the book--is many Jobs stories will show up. I only hope they are fair. At the end of the day, whatever Jobs did, he did well.
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