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There has been a lot of frustration with Sprint's Ice Cream Sandwich Update, and I got some interesting answers about that, tonight, from Sprint themselves. And yes rooters, it's about rooting.

I have a Galaxy S Epic 4G (love it) that got the initial over the air ICS update, and everything was fine. Eventually, over time, it got relatively sluggish (still blazing fast compared to my Touch Pro or Moment). But the internal memory (not RAM) was being eaten up by something fierce, and I installed all I could, moved all I could to SD, etc... and tonight I finally broke. Gmail (work) hadn't updated in a month or so, because if internal memory is full nothing really works right. But I only had maybe 100MB of 470MB (approx) on the phone, and for some reason I couldn't download a 26KB appdragon program, "not enough free space" message. that's bizarre. So I just pulled the trigger and factory reset the phone, and voila... back to Gingerbread.

I call Sprint, knowing they can push the update over the air again. ICS made the phone a different experience. It made everything more intuitive and functional. I need it, or a new phone. I also need to uninstall the bloatware Nascar, Football, Facebook, etc. I knew this would involve rooting, and I've been too lazy to do it. Or just didn't want to deal with another 60 tabs and 3 hours.

So talking to the first tech, he says, "please be patient", updates the firmare, updates the PRI (which I, like all of you, had already done and were patient enough to not say a damn thing while they went through the hoops). Then he told me that Spring isn't able to push ICS because ICS doesn't exist for my phone. I explained that I had it on my phone from an over the air update just 3 hours ago. Until this problem with my phone, I had no idea that so many Epic users had trouble with the 15th july - Aug 15th ICS update. Now I know.

So, the first tech got his supervisor (click click transfer), and this is where this unbearably long ramble gets good.

This nice gent says, "We can't push ICS to your phone, because Sprint doesn't have an official version of the ICS version for your phone. There are certain ways to get ICS that I cannot talk about, because it is against Sprint Rules and Warranties (or something relatively legalish).

I told him that I just had it on my phone 3 hours ago, and he said that he understood, but there was still "no official ICS version for my Epic 4G".

I thanked him for being honest, and asked if it was basically this:

The ICS update for the Epic 4G on July 15th went poorly, and was halted. It was reiniateed sometime in Aug, and what no one officially knows is that *THAT* update also went so poorly, Sprint just bailed on an official update".

He laughed, and was like, "whoah right".

"And that being said, you are unofficially, off the record, saying the only way I can find the ICS update and load it is about teaching myself how to root my phone from internet videos or whatever"

"I am not saying that, but yes"

LOL. I thanked him for being REALLY REAL. I hate when people follow that script, and mindlessly withhold info. I know this will be of meaning to someone on here.... there's people probably just starting to run into problems.

So yeah, great, joy of joys... on to the root boards. No sleep for me. Bah. At least no more bloatware.
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