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Originally Posted by Rolo42 View Post
Win95 - great
Win97 - flopped (not even released)
Win98 - nice
WinME - flopped
Win2000 - nice (I'd argue this doesn't count since it was a rushed version of XP to get the "2000" moniker)
WinXP - great
Vista - flopped
7 - great
8 - I expect it to flop in desktop markets and not do so hot in mobile markets, maybe "ok" maybe flop
9 - Like 7 is to Vista, 9 should undo the mistakes made with 8.

I'm thinking 7 will stick around for many years like XP did.
I think it is a bit to early to predict what Win 9 will look like. My guess is Windows 8 will not be a big hit. In the tech game, making any kind of prediction is difficult.

Millions of people will buy it because they are hell bent on upgrading or they will not have any choice when they purchase a new PC.

Does anybody know what besides the gawd awful GUI was changed and how it different from 7? I hope MS is giving us features, features and more features not just a goofy GUI.
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